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I am sure this is something that many of you are thinking about right now. Should I cancel my wedding because of Coronavirus? With the situating changing daily, and the recent lack of clear advice, it is a confusing and upsetting time for many couples. After many months of planning, and considerable sums of money being spent, I completely understand that the idea of your wedding not going ahead is completely devastating.

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Over on Instagram recently, the lovely Annabel, founder of Love my Dress shared a post that resonated with me and many other wedding suppliers across the country; ” PAUSE, POSTPONE…But don’t cancel. To every bride, groom and couple out there who were hoping to tie the knot within the next few weeks – please remind yourself, this is TEMPORARY. Please do not cancel your wedding plans. Work with your venue, suppliers and planners to postpone and reschedule.”

While I know that many people’s reaction is to assume that they need to cancel their wedding, you don’t. What is happening now in the world isn’t a permanent state as as Annabel herself says – ‘it is temporary’. So instead, consider postponing your wedding. I have been busy today contacting venue’s and making alternative arrangements for my clients that are getting married this Spring, but if you are not working with a wedding planner, below is helpful guide to what you should consider.


If you are not working with a wedding planner, your first step should be to contact your wedding venue for some guidance. Many venues are offering as much flexibility as possible and able to switch wedding dates, moving weddings in April and May into July and beyond. I wouldn’t recommend waiting a few weeks to see how the situation unfolds; you should contact your wedding venue today to not only ask about moving your wedding date but also to discuss the terms and conditions of your booking agreement. Will you incur a charge for moving your date and if so, are the venue willing to offer some flexibility? What plans do they venue have in place should Corona virus still be causing further disruption into the summer months?

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The next step is to reach out to all of the suppliers involved in your wedding. For some weddings, this could be a long list especially if you are having a dry hire venue or a marquee. Make a list of all of your suppliers and prioritise contacting those that you feel your wedding couldn’t go ahead without such as your caterers. As well as confirming their availability for a new date, it is really important that you understand the terms and conditions of the contract that you signed with them. Will you be charged a cancellation fee? Will they still be able to deliver the service that you had originally booked them for? What happens if a member of their team is unwell on the day of your wedding?


Outside of your venue and perhaps caterer and florist, many of the suppliers that are working on your wedding are small, independent businesses for which Corona virus is going to have devastating consequences for. Unlike bigger organisations they are unable to absorb the financial impact of what is happening. I know so many wedding businesses are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure they can still deliver the absolute best for your wedding day, but ultimately, a postponement or cancellation on a mass scale will have huge financial implications for small businesses. So please, be kind, be understanding and be supportive.

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