A  H E L P I N G  H A N D

Ever wish you could pick up the phone and ask a professional for help? Not sure if you’re making the right decisions when it comes to planning your wedding? How do you know if the venue you have chosen can deliver what they say? Struggling to even find a venue or a supplier that reflects your visions for your wedding?

This service is for clients that do not wish to use all of my services, but would like to tap into my knowledge from time to time for guidance on specific areas of their wedding planning such as finding a venue.

V E N U E  S E A R C H

Clients that use this service often know what type of venue they would like for their wedding but for various reasons just can’t find it.  I  have managed events as a variety beautiful UK Wedding venues across London, Hampshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Essex and beyond. Depending on your requirements for your wedding, I will provide you with a short list of 3-5 venues that I believe best match what you are looking for and once you have decided on a venue can take care of the booking too.


P L A N N I N G  A D V I C E

I’ll give you clear advice on how to tackle your wedding planning and offer professional guidance on all aspects.  You can contact me at any time during your wedding planning to ask any questions that you might have, seek guidance on areas you might not be sure about or just use me as to bounce ideas off of. I will provide you with a thorough planning check list and highlight key questions for you to ask when engaging with venues and other suppliers.